These anti-adhesion coatings, for coatings based on silicon dioxide, are perfect for smooth plastic surfaces. Its stability against UV rays allows the functionality of the coated surface approximately for some years. A permanent chemical contact with the substrate allows excellent resistance to abrasion. Note that, in addition, it is characterized by an application both industrially and domestically.

Product characteristics:

1. Strong hydrophobicity.
2. Strong anti-adherent properties.
3. Excellent effect of easy cleaning on contaminants and lime.
4. Easy cleaning and faster.
5. Bionic resistin soil.
6. Bionic stain repulsion.
7. Protection against environmental influences.
8. Increase in brightness stability.
9. Easy scratch protection.
10. Approved for use in food.
11. Resistant up to 260C ° of temperature.
12. Best optics
13. Resistant under ultraviolet light.
14. Invisible to the human eye (coating thickness: 100-150 nm).
15. Resistant to changes in temperature.
16. Breathable.
17. Resistant to chemicals.

Examples of use:

1. Plastic surfaces in sanitary areas.
2. Automotive painting
3. Sealing for mobile phones and their screens (protection against fingerprints)
4. All types of plastic or laminated surfaces mainly on the outside, sports areas, blinds, boats, signs, pallets, sheets, industrial applications, plastic profiles, etc. + INFORMATION