TEM une2

The photocatalysis of une2 liquid SOL, with super-small particles of titanium dioxide (Tio2), exhibits unusual properties and has powerful photocatalytic effects, activates with all types of light and produces a very strong oxidative property in substrates.

These disinfectant properties of the surfaces decompose and eliminate all the harmful organic substances, viruses, bacteria and molds.

It is used to create a completely natural and protected security on all surfaces for a healthy lifestyle.

It is respectful of the environment, maintains the freshness of the air and protects the surface from biological contamination.

We combine the most advanced & nbsp; photocatalytic and superhydrophobic characteristics, can be widely used in the protection of environment, health, food, building maintenance, construction and energy industries to provide excellent protection and function surprising, degrading formaldehyde, benzene, toluene, ammonia, VOCs and other pollutants.

Anti-bacteria / Anti-Virus

Decomposition NOx urban areas

Self-cleaning and Anti-Dirt

Air purification

Self-cleaning buildings

Odor control


Photocatalytic applications in glasses

Solar panels

Air purifier Inside / Exterior