We improved the profitability of photovoltaic panels by up to 14%. Diffraction and maintenance are significantly reduced, cleaning is less necessary and simple, and the effect will last for a long time.

The photovoltaic panels are kept clean. This is possible mainly thanks to a change of refraction of the light on the surface of the crystal. In this way, the available solar energy is used better.

The improvement in efficiency will lead to greater benefits, avoiding waste of power, taking advantage of the self-cleaning effect “easy to clean” and neutralizing pollution.

An important aspect of the treatment in solar panels is economics.

With the coating the reflected sunlight is reduced by up to 55% with respect to an uncoated module.

We provide high quality innovative materials for the suspension and coating of SiO2 nano, which have excellent dispersity, an extremely high SSA and a superfine crystal structure.

The photovoltaic cells must be clean to offer 100% productivity. If they present incrustations they diminish between 8% and 20% their productivity.

This figure, multiplied by the number of solar panels, by the number of days that are dirty and by the number of kilowatts (Kw) that they stop producing: it results in a significant loss of production that is directly reflected in the income statement.

une2 has a nanotechnological product with which to improve performance, designed for the treatment of photovoltaic panels, ensures greater protection and easy cleaning for longer.


The advantages of the product are clearly visible: less dirt, hydrophobic properties and greater transparency
Eliminates irregularities of the glass by adding silicon particles
Provides greater transparency for a greater uptake of the Sun’s rays
Self-cleaning and superhydrophilic coating on solar panels
Maintenance and cleaning savings
Increase energy production by 14%
Low temperature cure
Safety, without additional pollution, friendly to the environment and harmless
Next generation cleaning solution
Long lasting: more than one year of effectiveness
Repelling up to 40-60% dust on surfaces with an inclination> 30º
Increases the transparency of the panels up to 20% Reduces irregularities in the surface
Reduces the number of cleanings and their time, with the consequent savings that implies, thanks to the fact that self-cleaning is carried out only with water
High performance: 70-80 square meters per approximately liter.
Invisible protection: does not alter the solar panels panels
Hydrophobic properties added to the surface treated with nano glass

The rain exerts a self-cleaning effect that drags dirt due to the Lotus Flower effect. Due to this effect, all kinds of dirt, insects, mud or bird droppings can be easily cleaned from the protected surface, simply by using a jet of water.