There are many different metals used by humans, thousands of years ago, and we have become metallurgical experts. However, metals are still a problem with wear, abrasion, corrosion, oxidation, etc.

Therefore, we have created many applications and treatments in order to solve these problems, however, until the time, with the nanotechnological features offered by metal treatments with nano-products.

The many metals that are used in our daily lives, some of them very close to our daily lives and others clearly visible, are used for functional integrity or for aesthetic reasons. They can appear in solid form, that is, with a metallic surface, such as an alloy, stainless steel, brass and bronze. In general they have a good thermal conductivity, which means that different hardnesses can be shown and, in addition, react easily with oxygen (oxidation), generating layers of oxides, for example oxide.

Metal surfaces partly require a protective layer to prevent oxidation or abrasion. Therefore, we have decided to carry out our nano-products. These products are designed specifically for metal surfaces. Its main function is: to add properties, called nano-molecules, to metals. These properties are important because they protect the value and performance of these metals.

Their characteristics are:

  1. Protection against corrosion
  2. Protection against abrasion
  3. Acid and alkaline resistance
  4. Hydrophobicity
  5. Marine conditions
  6. Salinity
  7. Oleophobic performance
  8. Conductivity, insulation
  9. Antimicrobial properties

    All nano products are easy to apply and can be modified according to the objectives of our customers. + INFORMATION